Weaving tradition and technology to contribute to tomorrow`s society

Adachi textile Co., Ltd. began as a small textile factory.

Starting with Banshuu Textile manufactured handkerchief we expanded business to gift items and luxury handkerchiefs for department stores.

In addition, we also increase overseas production bases and began handling of towel products.

And in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake, we developed emergency compression blankets also.

It is our vision as well as mission to understand the need of customer with changing times and develop product accordingly.

To do this, it is necessary to respond flexibly and continue to protect the trust of customers.

From here on also, We will continue working for excellent development of products to be able to offer satisfaction and smile to our customers.

Business Policy

Based upon the foundation of textile business, Adachi Textile has continued to grow since its inception.

Currently, by integrating vacuum compression business which is another foundation for growth to textile business
we developed a new package of textile products never known before.

textile vacuum

By centering on two business foundation we are developing business to create new values.

Company’s profile

Company’s name ADACHI TEXTILE CO., LTD.
President Toshinobu Adachi
Established May 1950
10 million yen
Employees 8
Main banks Hyogo credit union , Nakahyogo Shinkin bank , Minato bank
Location Headquarter / Product Div
511 Arata Naka-cho, Taka-gun, HYOGO 679-1102, Japan
Tel +81-795-32-0437 Fax +81-795-32-3550
Mail adachi textile mail
URL http://www.atec1945.co.jp/
manufacturing and sale of textile